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An awesome work environment, and ‘best in the industry’ pay-scales.

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Working at Nico Digital

We started in 2010, and life has been exciting and highly rewarding!

If you are looking for a fast paced, dynamic and modern working environment to take your career to the next level, Nico is the place to sharpen your skills. We expect creativity and ownership from your side. You will be required to put in 100% effort, in order to help the company succeed. Nico Digital is always on the lookout for intelligent and loyal members for our team, who can grow with the company. We constantly hire professionals from the following fields: Web/Graphic Designers, Content / Copywriters, Digital Marketers and PR Experts.

Stability since 2010

Stability + Rapid Career Growth: Nico Digital can provide you this rare combination. Our team has been growing every day. Our management style and excellent working environment, has made us one of the most reliable companies to work for in Kolkata. You get an opportunity to discuss your career goals with the management - all while learning new skills and getting new opportunities.

More benefits..

So many perks and benefits. You'll love working at Nico Digital. Nico Digital is a company known for giving extreme flexibility and stability to our employees. Work-from-home options. Flexible working hours. No dress code at all. Fully-paid holidays. Random parties, fun and friendship! We care for you so much, that you'll find a new family away from home.

Quick Increments

If you have relevant work experience, or are wanting to switch jobs - just email us your CV. You might be pleasantly surprised by the hike we would offer on your current salary. We are known for On-time Salary payments and quick increments. Don't think, apply today!

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